MUZEN Button Mini Candy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
MUZEN Button Mini Candy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
MUZEN Button Mini Candy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
MUZEN Button Mini Candy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
MUZEN Button Mini Candy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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MUZEN Button Mini Candy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

MUZEN Button Mini Candy Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Key Features

  • Portable and Compact: This pocket-sized, retro mini suitcase-shaped small bluetooth speaker comes with an included lanyard, effortlessly attaching to backpacks, bags, or keys, making it one of the best portable wireless speakers for travel and outdoor activities.

  • Rich Sound: It offers deep bass and balanced sound. Its 3W amps and dual passive radiators produce surprisingly rich, distortion-free sound. Whether you're a fan of Hip Hop or classical music, expect great-sounding audio from this mini bluetooth speaker.

  • Adorable and Colorful Design: Its vibrant, contrasting colors and delightful design add a playful and colorful dimension to your audio experience. With a choice of Berry Blue, Candy Pink, Green, Cantaloupe Yellow, and Scarlet Red, you can pick a color that matches your mood and style.

  • Rugged Metal Material: Crafted from a premium blend of zinc and aluminum alloy with a high-tech painting process, the Muzen Button sports a rugged design that's not just for show. It adds a touch of robust luxury to your audio experience, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Long Battery Life: The 400mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous audio playback between charges, ensuring your listening habits won't be interrupted.

  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 connects quickly to your other devices; with a 33 feet range, it provides a seamless audio experience both indoors and outdoors.

  • Exquisite Gift Option: The premium gift box packaging makes it an ideal gift for music and audiophile lovers.

  • One-Hand Control: Control volume, tracks with a knob or lever, all with one hand. This smart small portable speaker is designed for effortless control.

What’s In The Box

  • Button Speaker x1
  • Speaker Charging Cable x1
  • Lanyard x1
  • Manual x1
  • Brand Brochure x1
  • Sticker x 1

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    Function issues (won't charge, Bluetooth faults): Replacement

After 12 months:

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  • No repair or replacement.

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MUZEN Button Cute Speaker - small in size, big on sound.

01Compact and portable design
02Color and cute look 
03Crystal-clear sound quality 
04Durable metal construction 
058 Hours of Playtime
06Universal connectivity
The MUZEN Button is the smallest wireless portable Bluetooth speaker available. Despite its mini dimensions (63×47×30mm), it delivers impressive, distortion-free sound and surprisingly loud volume thanks to its 3W amplifiers. With its adorable retro design
the MUZEN Button is a breeze to control, featuring a convenient knob and lever. Constructed from high-quality zinc-aluminum alloy, this small Bluetooth speaker ensures good quality. Easily slipped into your pocket, it delivers great sound wherever you go.
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Retro Rhythms for

Every Scene

Whether working from a bustling café, relaxing in a serene park, or moving through a lively city street,

the MUZEN Button Bluetooth small portable speaker is your pocket-sized partner, bringing your favorite tunes to life with a touch of vintage chic.

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Pocket-Sized, Immersive Audio Sound: A Good Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Small in size but mighty in sound, the MUZEN Button pocket speaker is a compact speaker that delivers spacious audio that belies its palm-sized frame. Its 70dB SNR and 3W amplifiers produce crisp, distortion-free sound, proving that great music can come in small packages. As one of the best to produce crisp, distortion-free sound, proving that great music can come in small packages.

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Cute Chassis, Sturdy Soul

The MUZEN Button cute bluetooth speaker is crafted with a robust zinc and aluminum alloy shell, making it a durable choice among micro speakers. Its high-tech paint finish enhances its timeless appeal. Offering seamless wireless connectivity over a 33 ft range, it links to your devices in seconds, delivering excellent sound indoors and outdoors. Its one-hand controls make adjusting volume and switching tracks a breeze.


The button speaker comes in beautifully designed packaging, ready to impress as a gift. Its understated elegance and compact size make it the perfect present for music lovers.

Compact and portable with a lanyard for easy carrying, it's ideal for music enjoyment on camping, hiking, or beach trips with 8-hour playtime and a 33ft Bluetooth range. It delivers excellent sound, ensuring your music reaches every corner of your campsite or beach party.

Muzen button speaker adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace or home and provides high-quality sound for work or relaxation.

With its vintage aesthetics and luxurious material, it is a beautiful decor piece or a valuable addition to collectors who appreciate retro items.

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Decor or Collection
best portable wireless speakers

Contrasting colours Design

Elegant and adorable, the MUZEN Button cute bluetooth speaker encapsulates a design philosophy that values aesthetics, convenience, and playfulness. Its retro cube shape and lustrous finish, paired with vibrant, contrasting colors, make it stand out among other speakers.

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Excellent Stereo Sound in a Tiny Package

Don't let the MUZEN Button's tiny, retro-style cube deceive you. This smallest stereo, with its compact design, houses a 3W amplifier that delivers rich stereo audio with deep bass that defies its size. Even at max volume, you'll enjoy every beat and note with minimal distortion. With a signal-to-noise ratio of over 70 decibels, it's a small wonder producing big, high-quality sound. 

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Superb Metal Material

Crafted from durable zinc-aluminum alloy and coated with high-tech paint, the body of the MUZEN Button tiny bluetooth speaker exudes a sense of luxurious solidity despite its miniature size. Its machined metal cube shape and tactile control wheel provide an enjoyable physical connection.

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Portable Design with Lanyard

The included lanyard allows you to hook the MUZEN Button small portable speaker on your backpack, bag, or key chain so you bring the music freely wherever life takes you.

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Long Playtime

The MUZEN Button music mini bluetooth speaker is equipped with a built-in 400 mAh rechargeable battery. This powerful component allows for up to 7+ hours of continuous playback of your favorite background music or podcasts on a single charge. Even better, the speaker fully recharges in just 3 hours, ensuring that you'll always have enough power to get you through your day. With its swift charging and enduring battery life, the MUZEN Button keeps your tunes playing without interruption.

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Wireless and Universal Bluetooth Connectivity

Harnessing Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the MUZEN Button personal speaker provides robust connectivity within a 33-foot range. It smartly reconnects to your last-used Bluetooth-enabled device, ensuring continuous music and a seamless audio experience.

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Effortless Control

It's an effortlessly controlled portable design speaker, The small speaker is also designed for ease of use. Volume and track changes are made in a straightforward motion thanks to the large rotary knob and lever switch on the MUZEN Button miniature speakers. Control is a one-handed affair.

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A Thoughtful, Uncommon Gift

The MUZEN Button speaker comes in beautifully designed packaging, ready to impress as a gift. Its understated elegance makes it the perfect present for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion, and music lovers will surely appreciate it.

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Producy Model
Product size
63×47x30mm / 2.48 x1.85 x1.18in
Net weight
about 130g / 0.29lb
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth connection distance
5m < distance < 10m / 16.4ft ≤ distance < 32.8ft
Bluetooth RF Frequency Range
2402 MHz to 2480 MHz
Bluetooth Maximum EIRP
< 10dBm
Amplifier power
≥ 70dBA
System frequency response
Charging port
Micro USB
Charging voltage
DC5V -- 1A
  • Panel
  • Side

Bluetooth indicator light


Power switch


Playlist switch function lever


Volume adjustment knob




Metal cover


Lanyard hole


USB charging port to re-charge the Button Speaker battery

The Muzen Button is incredibly portable, with its compact dimensions of just 63×47×30mm that make it truly pocket-sized. It also comes with a lanyard, making it easy to attach to backpacks, bags, or keys for music wherever you go. Its portability is one of the many reasons it's considered a leading contender for the best portable wireless speakers title.

Despite its small size, the Muzen Button mini bluetooth speaker delivers a surprisingly rich and distortion-free sound. This is one of the reasons why it's often referred to as the best mini Bluetooth speaker. It's proof that good things can indeed come in small packages, especially when it comes to good sound.

The MUZEN Button cute speaker comes equipped with a 400mAh battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous audio playback between charges. This impressive battery life, combined with its portability, makes it an exceptional choice for all-day use.

The MUZEN Button, one of the smallest speakers for iPhone, utilizes Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Enjoy a quick, seamless connection within a 33-foot range, making it an excellent choice for your mobile devices.

Yes, the MUZEN Button tiny bluetooth speaker is designed with a sturdy and durable blend of zinc and aluminum alloy, making it robust enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

The MUZEN Button comes in various bright colors, including Berry Blue, Candy Pink, Green, Cantaloupe Yellow, and Scarlet Red. Each color has its unique vibe to match your mood and style.

Absolutely. The MUZEN Button comes in premium gift box packaging, making it an ideal gift for music and audiophile lovers.

This cute speaker recharges fully in just 3 hours via USB-C charging. The use of USB-C charging for the MUZEN Button not only allows for rapid recharging but also ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices and charging accessories, providing further convenience in its use.

Hence, whether you're at home or on the go, the MUZEN Button has you covered, keeping your music playing smoothly and without interruption.

Even though the MUZEN Button Bluetooth speaker is about the size of smaller speakers, it doesn't compromise on sound quality. Despite its compact form, it delivers a powerful audio experience that rivals larger speakers in its category, such as the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom. Its small size belies the rich and immersive sound it is capable of producing, making it a standout choice in the realm of compact portable speakers.

Despite its compact size, the MUZEN Button impressively delivers a good sound with more bass and richness that can compete with heftier models. Its advanced technology ensures a full, vibrant sound that will exceed your expectations for a speaker of its size, making it one of the best mini Bluetooth speakers in terms of sound quality.

While the MUZEN Button portable Bluetooth speaker does not have built-in handles, its compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable. It's easy to carry and fits perfectly in any bag or even a large pocket. This solidifies its position as one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers on the market.

The MUZEN Button, often considered one of the best Bluetooth speakers, boasts a rugged design that is built to last. As for extra features, it's equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 technology for seamless connectivity, up to 7+ hours of playback on a single charge. These features make it a strong contender in the market for the best mini bluetooth speaker.

Absolutely. Considering its excellent sound quality, durability, and extra features, the MUZEN Button Bluetooth speaker provides a better value than many other Bluetooth speakers on the market, It is a great sounding speaker.

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