Established in 2018 in Pasadena, CA, MUZEN AUDIO INC is dedicated in developing exquisite and fashionable retro audio products. The founder Mr. Zeng Dejun is a famous audio designer who focuses on the field of sound technology for over 40 years. Mr. Zeng is obsessed with audio equipment since he was a child and is known as the god-father of speakers from the Tube amplifier speaker era. To this end, Zeng Dejun went against the times, regained the classics of the golden age of radio, and founded the brand MUZEN AUDIO. It upholds the humanistic feelings of warmth, adheres to the value of "hear the difference", and is committed to let everyone hear the joy of life in the Internet age.

Ever since it is established, Muzen keeps breaking through its boundaries and bringing excitements to the industry with the philosophy of "Aesthetically pleasing, Great sound, User-friendly and Entertaining". It is MUZEN’s eternal pursuit to make you enjoy the sounds easier and better. Welcome to explore your unique lifestyle with MUZEN AUDIO.