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  • Matilda Jackson

    Dayton, Ohio

    Up to now, I thought of Muzen as just a cute little music device. But, now, I just want to give Muzen a shout out for helping me get through one of the scariest nights of my life. On Memorial Day last week, multiple tornadoes touched down in Dayton, Ohio (where I live). As one of the tornadoes beared down on my neighborhood and I lost power at my house, I grabbed my purse, cell phone, candles, matches, my little Muzen radio and headed to my basement for cover. I didn't really know if my Muzen was fuly-charged or if it would actually be able to tune in to the local weather stations (especially during the storm). But, not only was I able to find my local station on the radio with crystal clarity (which provided me with a minute-by-minute update of the tornado's path and status reports of of all of the storm warnings), but it stayed on all through the night...long after the tornado had passed through my area. Fortunately, unlike many others in my area, my home was spared and I wasn't injured during this storm. But, from here on out, I'll always count my Muzen as one of my go-to storm kit supplies (and I may even be investing in a second one). Thanks, Muzen. #feelingblessed #DaytonStrong

  • what_the_89


  • marygrace___

    I.finally.choreographed myself. I’ve been trying to have choreo for my concept videos for like, well really since I started😂 I gave up and shot everything freestyle because I could neverrr remember anything and looked too stiff trying But recently I haven’t loved my dancing and it’s because I do the same moves, the more you know and the longer you’ve been shuffling the harder it is to get creative because you feel like you’ve already learned all of the runnin mans and shapes, so now you have to play with them?? Choreo skill takes practice, the more I do it the more easier it is for my brain to actually remember them. I only choreographed the first half of this video but I already like it better than a lot I’ve recently done because I have VARIETY now. Deff gonna keep planning combos from now on😝 also shouts @sterlingtorress for lil foot wrap move!! 🍬Lil jam sesh brought to you by @muzen1964 , my new bluetooth/aux friendly/radio speaker. Its the cutest speaker I’ve ever owned. Code “MARY” for 15% off 🍬Song: @gianniblu - In The Jungle #inthejunglechallenge 🍬Bodysuit: @freedomravewear 🍬Shorts AND socks: @celestialbodiez

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