Muzen Audio radios are not your typical bluetooth speakers... they are a compact and powerful musical experience unlike anything you've had before. We take pride in the following:

  • Clean and outstanding sound quality
  • Unique & miniature design
  • Handmade out of Rosewood
  • 10-hour playtime
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth

At normal volume, Bluetooth plays 8-10 hours and the radio plays 20 hours. At maximum volume, Bluetooth plays ≥ 4 hours and the radio plays ≥ 10 hours.

Insert the supplied charging cable into the USB port on the back of the device and charge the device with a certified 5V / 500mA-2A adapter (the adapter is not included).

Typically, it takes 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged (please unplug all cables upon the completion of charging). There is an indicator on the left side of the charging port: the red light indicates charging and the green light means fully charged.

This product does not feature a waterproof design, please pay attention to this matter when using and in the placement and storage of this product.

Yes, vintage speakers can still be worth buying in the age of modern technology. They offer a unique sound quality and nostalgic appeal that modern speakers may not have.

To clean and maintain your retro Bluetooth speaker, keep it dry and avoid exposing it to moisture. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the exterior and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

Yes, you can generally take a portable Bluetooth speaker on a plane as part of your carry-on luggage. However, it is important to check with your airline to make sure that there are no specific restrictions on electronic devices or speakers. It is also recommended to pack the speaker securely to avoid any damage during the flight.

Outdoor speakers can be used indoors, but it's important to consider the acoustics and design of the speaker. Outdoor speakers are designed to project sound over a long distance and are optimized for open spaces. In contrast, indoor speakers are typically designed for smaller spaces and may have a more directional sound. Therefore, when using outdoor speakers indoors, the sound quality may not be ideal for the room and may require additional adjustments or equipment to optimize the sound.

Outdoor speakers are typically made of weather-resistant materials, have higher power handling capacity and larger drivers to produce louder and clearer sound over longer distances. They are also designed to blend in with their surroundings and can be mounted on walls or ceilings. In contrast, indoor speakers can come in various designs and can be placed on shelves, stands or even the floor. They are often wired and provide a more focused sound for a controlled listening experience.

Yes, the portable speakers can be used while they are charging. When the battery of the portable speaker is low, you can plug it in and continue using it while it charges. It's worth noting that using the portable speaker while it is charging may affect the charging time and may also generate additional heat, so it's a good idea to monitor the speaker while it's charging and avoid overcharging it.

Waterproof speakers are designed to resist water and moisture, but it's generally not recommended to use them in the shower or bathtub due to prolonged exposure to water potentially causing damage to the speaker's electronics or battery. Instead, consider using a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker placed at a safe distance from water sources. This way, you can enjoy music while keeping your waterproof speaker safe and functioning properly.

MUZEN Wild Series Outdoor Speakers are designed to be water and moisture resistant with a waterproof rating of IPX5, providing protection against splashes and rain, but not full submerged in water. Note that fully submerging the speaker in water may cause damage to the electronics or battery.

Our mini portable wireless Bluetooth speaker series has a rechargeable battery capacity in the 800-1000mAh range that lasts for 8-10 hours on a single charge. This means you can enjoy your favorite tunes or podcasts for an extended period without having to worry about running out of battery. The rechargeable battery also makes it a more sustainable and eco-friendly option as it eliminates the need to keep replacing disposable batteries.

Our wireless Bluetooth speaker can instantly connect to your smartphone, tablet, or computer from up to 32.8-33 ft range away and automatically reconnect to the last device used. You may be able to improve the range of your Bluetooth connection by reducing obstructions between the devices.

A mini speaker is a compact audio device that amplifies sound through a wired connection, while a mini portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a compact audio device that amplifies sound through a wireless Bluetooth connection. The latter is more portable and can be used without a physical connection to an audio source.


All Muzen Audio packages are shipped from Riverside, California.

Standard shipping:3-5 business days

International shipping: approximately 7-21 business days

Orders are processed Monday through Friday and are shipped within 24 hours of placement, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Customs policies vary from country to country. The buyer is responsible for all additional fees, taxes and duties upon delivery of their package. All customs duties are at the responsibility of the buyer and are not paid for by us. Customs must be paid by you if your country requires so. 

Check your inbox for a shipping confirmation email, which includes a link to track your Muzen Audio package.

Still can’t find it? Head over to our order tracker here and enter your email address and order number.

If that's not working, send us an email to info@muzenaudio.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP with more details on your package status.


For all returns please email info@muzenaudio.com to start the request and receive your authorization code.

Items must be returned within 14 days of receiving the item for a refund and any received thereafter may be denied. Your return parcel must be post stamped within 14 days of you receiving the order or the package will be refused. Shipping will not be refunded if the order has previously shipped.

However, we will provide a 12-month limited warranty which includes a free replacement of the product if there is a manufacturing defect and if the product is not easily fixable.

Items must be returned in their original condition. Once MUZEN AUDIO has received your returned package, all returned items will be inspected before a refund is issued. MUZEN AUDIO reserves the right to deny a refund if items are returned damaged in any way and they will be returned to sender. You will be notified via email if your returned item is not suitable for a refund.

The cost of return shipping is at the customer’s expense and is non-refundable. We recommend returning items through traceable mail, as any returned items that are not received by MUZEN AUDIO will not be issued a refund.

Email info@muzenaudio.com for all return requests.

We can only accept cancellations or changes to your order within 1 hour of placing it and if the order has not yet been processed.

You must immediately contact our customer service support at info@muzenaudio.com with your order number and the changes you'd like to make included in the email.

All orders that have been cancelled before being shipped will be refunded. Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel an order after it has already been shipped. 

Unfortunately we do not offer exchanges as we cannot guarantee that we will have your preferred color or style available at the time of return due to our items selling out quickly.

If you require a speaker swap, simply return your items for a refund/store credit and place a new order in accordance with our returns policy.

Every speaker includes a 1 year warranty from time of purchase.

To issue a warranty request, please email info@muzenaudio.com with the following information:

-order number

-issue you are experiencing

We will first see if it is an issue we can help resolve via email. If not, we will ask you to send back the speaker for us to inspect and fix or replace with a brand new speaker.