How to Choose Bluetooth Speakers?

How to Choose Bluetooth Speakers?

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How to Choose Bluetooth Speaker

1. Sound quality

Sound quality is a key point for speakers. For those of us who don't know speakers, we may not hear the actual sound effects when we buy speakers online, but we can refer to the signal-to-noise ratio above the parameter table.

It is recommended that you choose a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 70dB, because the greater the signal-to-noise ratio, the stronger the anti-interference ability and the better the fidelity effect of sound quality.

2. Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth speakers we buy are mainly connected by Bluetooth. The higher the version of Bluetooth, the faster the receiving rate, the farther the distance between them, and the smaller the power consumption of speakers. The sound quality of Bluetooth speakers will also be better. At present, Bluetooth versions on the market are 4.0, 4.1, 4.2,... 5.0 and so on. When purchasing, try to choose the version with the same other parameters.

3. Endurance time

If it is an unplugged portable Bluetooth speaker or an outdoor Bluetooth speaker, the battery life is also a very important reference index. Generally, the longer the battery life, the better. Battery capacity = service time × equipment power ÷ battery voltage, so the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. You can calculate the battery life according to this formula.

4. Functions

We think the most important thing is whether it is waterproof, because long-term use of Bluetooth speakers will inevitably encounter water. It is best to choose waterproof Bluetooth speakers. At the same time, see if other attached functions are what you need.

5. Material modeling

Choose Bluetooth speakers from big factories with guaranteed quality. There is nothing wrong with the general materials. As for the modeling, there are various Bluetooth speakers now, so choose what you like according to your own preferences.

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