MUZEN Audio located in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2010 by a group of hippies and Mr. Zeng. Mr. Zeng was the designer of China’s first tube amplifier for sale. He is said to be both "stubborn and audacious,” an unconventional spirit and his desire to innovate makes the core values of MUZEN.  The MUZEN has become a darling of consumer product, a stylish and hip label for young people.
Dejun Zeng, five-time winner of CES Innovation Awards, has spent his entire life designing audio and radios. Throughout the past 30 years, Mr. Zeng has been trying hard to create his favorite audio products and a high-quality retro-style radio is something he has longed for. In 2004, Zeng designed his first radio, the R601. He has been developing a new model every year since as a gift for himself, which is how the Muzen design was born. Mr. Zeng's dream is to recreate the classic way to connect human and sounds by reviving the sights and sounds unique to radio culture through the MUZEN OTR Wood.
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Amazing product


Loveeee it

I kind of bought this on a whim because it looked super cute but the quality is definitely better than what I was expecting.I was surprised but the packaging and accessories that came with it. Still kind of pricey but I love it.

Thank goodness for Muzen!

The sound quality is wonderful, and now that we established that important point...we can just melt with warm fuzzy awe over how BEAUTIFUL this little speaker is, along with its accessories! The craftwork of the wooden speaker body, the retro detailing, the carrying pouch and travel case...WOW. And there are even more surprises, I want to let you discover yourself! To top it all, how nice to support Radio Caroline, a really cool cause! I feel great recommending Muzen products to anyone who loves quality listening experiences.

Amazing sound!

I’ve literally been blown away by the quality of sound this little thing puts out. It’s so easy to tote around, I love the carrying case and I listen to it basically all day at home. I don’t know what I did before I purchased this!

I bought more & will buy more!

I bought one a couple of months ago for my wife & we were so blown away by how well it works & how great it sounds (we are both audio engineers). I bought two more for the house. We swear by these amazing things. Better buy some quickly because I’m about to buy a crate of them to go be as gifts.