Having journeyed through a revolution, political imprisonment, countless struggles and hardships, our founder managed to overcome to build his legacy of sound.

Succeeding in achieving dreams doesn’t come easy. Success is defined by the repeated incremental improvements made by struggles to reach the next destination. Success comes from cutting though all of the loud white noise which come with life, in order to piece together all the incremental improvements to make something beautiful. A laugh, a song, a relationship, a bond.



Muzen's mission is simple. To build the best sound system as a means of transmitting inspiration to overcome struggles.  

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Best little speaker!

Love this Bluetooth/radio

I love everything about this product! The packaging is amazing. I had so much fun unpacking it...almost as fun as using the radio/Bluetooth speaker. I love the retro style and all the color choices. Was so impressed with this item that I purchased a second one for my friend for Christmas. Will definitely purchase again as gifts for others.

Perfect presentations!

From the minute that gift bag arrived, it was totally spectacular. Then opening the case and seeing the stickers, speaker, bag and straps, I am extremely impressed, it works great, sound quality and volume range was amazing! Such a rad little throwback product!


This product is well worth the money. Happy I purchased it.

Great sound quality!

Not only did it sound good, but the attention to detail and overall look/feel didn't leave me dissapointed.