MUZEN Original Ⅲ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with AM FM Radio, External Antenna, Retro Home Decoration, Vintage Gift for Birthday and Holiday


    • Wired Bluetooth speaker&FM/AM radio.

      MUZEN Original Ⅲ was designed to thrive those beautiful old-school memories. With the consideration of unique classic style and quality sound, each MUZEN Original Ⅲ brings you happy moments combining visual and listening enjoyment.

      Product features include:

      • Bluetooth Speaker&FM/AM Radio
        • BLUETOOTH 4.0 TECHNOLOGY: Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. MUZEN Original Ⅲ automatically reconnects to the last device used.

          FM/AM RADIO: MUZEN Original Ⅲ picks up FM/AM radio stations local to your location. Tune the dial to listen to your favorites!

      • Superior Sound Quality
        • Winner of the CES Innovation Awards, MUZEN Original Ⅲ is extremely loud with crisp sound. With independent bass and treble knobs, you could adjust nuancedly between sounds till getting your favorable perfect sound clarity and sound resonance. 

      • Satisfying Versatile
        • MUZEN Original Ⅲ supports connecting with external stereo devices.

        • The whole body of MUZEN Original Ⅲ is made to be the perfect retro vintage look for home decor. Designed to look like a 1964 radio, MUZEN Original Ⅲ will bring out all the nostalgia. 

    • MUZEN Original series is made for the generation inundated by endless fast-paced life, dreaming of slower and purer times. The appearance of MUZEN Original Ⅲ is reminiscent of the Americana period dating back to the 1950s and 1960s, producing an old-time touching. 

      • Bluetooth, FM/AM radio, and AUX Functionality
      • Main Material: Zinc Alloy
      • Product Dimensions: 6.3 * 11.42 * 6.46 in
      • Net Weight: 7.5 lb
      • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
      • Power Supply: 100-120V~, 60Hz
      • Frequency Range: FM 87-108MHz, AM 520-1700KHz
      • SNR: FM >50 dB, AM>40 dB
      • Maximum output power: 20W
      • Distortion: FM <0.5%, AM<1% 
      • Warranty: 12 months
      • MUZEN Original Ⅲ Wired Bluetooth speaker&FM/AM Radio
      • "FREE BONUS" Detachable FM antenna*
      • "FREE BONUS" Detachable AM antenna*
      • User manual
      • Charging cable