muzen’s line of portable smart speakers are here for you like a friend to accompany you along your various journeys throughout life. - when you’re with friends and sudden group singing occurs -when you’re with someone you fancy and need to set the mood for some backseat bingo -when you’re studying and require focus music. - we’re here for you for any occasion -

Press coverage
""Los Angeles-based Muzen Audio makes a portable bluetooth speaker they say is inspired by On the Road novelist Jack Kerouac, who, while not from California, certainly embodied West Coast free-spiritedness.""
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FORBES - November 15, 2018
""Looking for a portable bluetooth speaker that doesn't clash with your retro aesthetic? Look no further. Bonus: It comes in a variety of wood finishes as well as fun vintage colors.""
A Gift For Every Tech-Lover On Your List (& A Few For You!)
REFINERY29 - December 20, 2018
""This rosewood desk radio is designed to look like a 1964 radio in a solid one-piece alloy and its battery guarantees up to 10 hours of playtime. But honestly, it just looks really damn cool.""
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SPORTS ILLUSTRATED - November 19, 2018
""Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but Chinese brand Muzen Audio has added something extra to help its OTR speaker stand out: Radio.""
Muzen Audio's retro-inspired speakers will impress your inner hipster
CNET - March 06, 2019
Muzen Wins 2017 CES Innovation Award - January 05, 2017
Prior to Muzen, Jimmy Wang also founded Life Token Inc, which sells unique personalized jewelry. Jimmy has a passion for building brands and learning about everything. Driven by constant curiosity.
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"Beyond excited to get my hands on a Muzen speaker for the show!! I might be quiet but this speaker brings THE NOISE!! #muzen #loud #tapeface"
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""The Muzen OTR Metal is ultimately an incredibly aesthetic looking speaker that can also function as a radio and is capable of producing quality music despite its compact size""
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